The Reasons Your Child Deserves a Quiet Book

The other day I was in a train and one of the co-passengers asked me inquisitively about how my little ones were quiet and busy with their books, while her cute little fairy was adamant to get the mobile phone! Well, my answer was simple – “kids learn what they see and what they are taught”.

I am into reading and that’s what my kids have learnt from me. While I make sure that I use my mobile phone minimally in front of my kids, mothers around the world have found an easy way of getting their own things done while handing over phones to their young ones. Believe me or not, kids these days see their mothers engrossed in mobile devices and learn the same thing! Teaching and habit-forming starts from home itself, and we got to inculcate the best possible habits into our toddlers at the right age. I learnt this thing early and kept my kids busy with lots and lots of quiet books that I made for them week after week.

I told the co-passenger about what quiet books are and how beneficial they are for kids’ mental and sensory development. Also, these toddler books are highly customizable, very affordable and extremely easy to make. You can go on to create these fancy little activity books for your young ones almost every week.

Quiet books are multi-page interactive scrapbooks generally made of felt or fabric. In addition to keeping the toddlers busy and sitting at one place, these books are great to teach them different educational activities in a fun way.

Well, here are some of the top benefits of toddler books and also the reasons, I believe, your kid deserves one!

  • Fabric books help develop kids’ fine-motor skills and hand-mind coordination.
  • Busy books help improve memory and logic along with mental agility.
  • Cloth books are great to improve attention and sound, tactile and visual perception in young kids.
  • Quiet books work very well in building children’s sitting tolerance and increasing their attention span.
  • These books are great to instil imagination and creativity in toddlers at early age.
  • Activity books can be customized and designed to teach almost any and every activity to the kids. Your little one can learn to solve simple problems with the help of quiet books.
  • Toddler books are made of felt/fabric and last way longer than any book(s) made from paper.
  • Quiet books are a great tool for early learning in kids; they can easily learn concepts like colours, numbers, shapes, etc. in a fun way! 

There are numerous other benefits of quiet books; the aforementioned are just the ones I could think of at this point in time.

To me, the best part is that quiet books are easy to make and are extremely affordable. I mean, you can end up making one using just a few felt sheets and some other basic materials available at home. Not to mention the satisfaction you get after making one for your young one!

The internet is full of some awesome quiet book ideas, and I encourage moms can surf across different websites to create a customized toddler book for their kids.

Wish you good luck!

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