Quiet Books – DIY or Buy?

Being a mother and a DIY enthusiast, one of the questions I get asked a lot is whether one should create a quiet book for their beloved on their own or is it better to buy one from the market.

Well, I personally love to create toddler books for my young one for two reasons – one, I can customize it according to my kid’s requirement; second, I love that personal touch a mother always wants to give to her kiddo.

However, quite understandably, not all mothers can design or create an engaging activity book on their own, for it requires some good research, resources, and more importantly, a good amount of time! To the mothers who do not have much time or resources, I would suggest to start small; put some effort in creating a small quiet book that fulfils its purpose. Believe me, nothing will match the satisfaction of your kid learning from an activity book made by you. 

Why I Love DIY Quiet Books?

The answer is simple – personal touch! And, when I talk about this personal touch, it just isn’t limited to that great feeling of creating something special for your loved one, it also includes the rightful personal approach you take to make your kid learn something that is going to be helpful for rest of his/her life.

Just like any other new mother would, I started small. When my kid turned 3, I had a feeling to teach my kid the basics – like counting, alphabets, etc. I researched a bit over the internet and gathered whatsoever resources I could at that point in time. Frankly, I had almost everything handy.

Within no time and a little effort, I had a quiet book ready for my young one. I created a non-sewn activity book made out of fabric sheets to help her learn basic counting and alphabets. Satisfaction was immense! I was on the top cloud!

Buying a Quiet Book

As discussed earlier, not all mothers have time, resources and ideas to design and create busy books on their own. For such mothers, the best approach is to buy a customized activity book.

There are number of options available in quiet books these days that cater to different activities for different age groups – right from teaching basics to storytelling, small puzzles, wordplay and what not! You just have to choose the right one for your kid. 

Benefits of Buying Vs. Creating a Quiet Book

Toddler books available in the market are designed professionally and are relatively safer for the kids. They are made keeping all the kid-related aspects in mind. On the other hand, while designing an activity book for your kid, you might miss on something or add something that may prove to be harmful. Kids generally tend to choke themselves at times with objects that you may put unknowingly on the quiet books.

Quiet books available online through renowned stores are designed professionally using materials that do not harm kids. Moreover, these are created purposefully to help the kids learn certain activities, while polishing their motor skills and adding to their sitting tolerance. Of course, quiet books also add to creativity of the young ones. 

Hope I was able to help brush off some confusion on whether to buy an activity book or create one on your own! Wish you the best for you and your kid! Take care.

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