Quiet Book – The Best Toy for Your Toddler

Ever wondered what could be the best toy for your beloved little young one? It can be a tough decision to take if you are standing in a toy shop; in addition to confusing you, it may even burn a hole in your pocket. Not to mention the fact that whatsoever you buy is going to be dismantled in a few days if not hours!

Most babies these days are squirmy and it’s not easy to manage them. Keeping them quiet and at one place can be a daunting task. Well, toys are something we all use to keep the kids glued and entertained, but they surely have a downside. As parents, we wish to buy toys that help our toddlers learn and also last long while being safe for them. One such toy I would like to suggest is a quiet book! It is also known as toddler book, fabric book, busy book, cloth book and even activity book. The purpose; however, remains to keep the kids busy while making them learn in an interactive way.

Here are some the reasons I believe quiet books can be the best toy for your toddler.

Long-Lasting: Quiet books last way longer than ordinary book, or toys for that matter. As these are made of felt/fabric sheets, these don’t tear easily. In fact, due to this long-lasting nature, these can be used by siblings year after year.

Highly Customizable: Toddler books are highly customizable and can be created for almost any and every learning activity. Right from identifying shapes to learning counting and even doll dressing/braiding, these books prove to be a great toy (and a gift too)!

Affordable: You can literally get a quiet book ready in under $10! These busy books are generally made of felt sheets and other basic material that can be found within home very easily. On the other hand, if you wish to buy one, you can easily get a high-quality professionally-made quiet book in anywhere from $20 to $50 (or even more).

Helpful in Learning Activities: As mentioned above, quiet books can be created for almost any activity. Whether you wish your toddler to learn buttoning a shirt or tying a shoelace or even identify time, quiet books prove to be great.

Keep Kids Engrossed and Quiet: One of the motives of toddler book is to keep them quiet, glued and occupied at one place; and these books are great at it.

A Great Gift: A quiet book is a great gifting option too; and it can be gifted anytime, irrespective of the occasion. You need not wait for birthday of your friend’s toddler to gift him/her a self-made quiet book.

Easy to Create: Busy books are easy to make and can be made using basic material available at home. You need not have any special skills to create a basic quiet book. The internet is full of ideas; just grab one and get the task done!

Safe: There comes a time when toddlers tend to put almost everything in their mouth, and fabric books are absolutely safe for that matter. These use no material that can prove to be harmful for the young ones.

Enhance Mental Development: In addition to increasing the child’s sitting tolerance, quiet books also help build and improve children’s hand-mind coordination and fine-motor skills. 

I would insist gifting a good-quality quiet book to your beloved instead of buying a toy is going to be destroyed within a few hours/days and doesn’t provide any learning value either. You can either create a quiet book on your own or buy one from the market. Start by making one; you’ll soon get addicted to it. You can thank me later!

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