Quiet Book – A Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

Wondering what gift would be perfect for your 4-year-old niece/nephew or your friend’s young one who has just learnt to fiddle with things? Nothing can be better than a quiet book for someone you love! Absolutely!

Quiet books are perfect for toddlers who are curious, eager to learn and always on the move. Quiet book are themed, interactive, customized multi-page scrapbooks made of felt or fabric. The books are intended for playful educational activities that help in child’s overall mental development. These books also increase the kids’ attention span while building their sitting tolerance and creative skills. Quiet books also provide the mothers their much-needed “quiet” time.

Here are some of the top reasons that make quiet book a perfect gift!

Helps Mental Development

So, why is a toddler book a perfect gifting option? Well, it is self-explanatory. A toddler book, or more commonly known as a quiet book, is made of soft material that helps the child learn while keeping him/her engaged. The book engages child’s visual, tactile, auditory and kinesthetic inputs, thereby getting various skills to work at a time.

These activity books can help children learn intricate tasks of undoing a velcro piece or braiding a doll’s hair, or buttoning a shirt – all of which are great for fine motor skill development. In addition to this, the activities in these fabric books can sharpen the children’s cognition and problem-solving skills.

So, you see that a quiet book fulfills the very important purpose of mental development while working on their fine motor skills. 

Keeps Children Occupied

Mothers worldwide have a hard time keeping their toddlers occupied. They run just everywhere they possibly can; and, a quiet book can keep them occupied at one place (for quite a while, at least)! What else would a mom want? These fabric books are very engaging and entice the child to participate in different activities. In general, quiet books are like interactive stories that have to be completed.

These books increase the children’s sitting tolerance and help improve their attention span. With enhanced attention, a child using a quiet book tends to sit for longer durations than otherwise. 

Instils Creativity and Imagination

Activity books keep children busy and can even tune-up children’s imagination by indulging them in different tasks in a challenging way, thereby enhancing their creativity and imagination. Activities in quiet books instil imagination and creativity in children’s mind by making them learn simple day-to-day activities, which prove to be helpful in the longer run. 

A Great Travel Buddy

As toddler books are made of fabric, they don’t tear easily. Unless your kid is really good at destroying things, quiet books last quite a significant time, making them a great travel buddy.

You can carry quiet books anywhere you feel like, irrespective of the mode of transportation or any other factor. The book will keep your kid engaged and will possibly provide you with much-needed free time. 

Apart from the above, there are many other benefits of quiet books, making them a great gifting option. Gift your loved one a customized quiet book and see the joy on their face!

You can thank me later!

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