Keeping Your Toddler Busy With Quiet Books

Toddlers are messy, but we all love them! Ever since the evolution of humankind, moms have been devising methods to keep their toddlers engaged in one or the other activity. While some of the tricks have worked perfectly fine, others have failed miserably. Though a mother always makes sure that her toddler stays quiet and engaged, the efforts seldom work. While some mommies take the easier route of handing over their mobile phones to the kids to keep them quiet and busy, others are more worried that their little ones should engage in age-appropriate activities and learn simultaneously! And, when it comes to listening to the plight of such moms, nothing is better than a quiet book! 

What is a Quiet Book?

Keeping your toddler busy with quiet books

A quiet book is generally an interactive customizable multi-page scrapbook that is made from felt or fabric. The pages are filled with educational activities that help in mental development and sensory stimulation of the child. In addition to this, quiet books give the mothers (and the kids) the “quiet” time they always look for. 

Types of Quiet Books

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Generally speaking, quiet books cannot be categorized in types. There can be as many types as the quiet books and vice versa. Toddler books are highly customizable and can meet requirement of every child differently. It depends on the goal of the activity book how engaging one wishes to make it. While there are standard sizes, themes and activities that can be designed, quiet books can basically be categorized either as sewn or non-sewn, which in itself is self-explanatory. Types of things and materials one can use on a quiet book are all up to one’s budget and imagination. 

Benefits of Quiet Books

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Right from keeping the little ones engaged for good amount of time to helping mommies get some of their “own” time, there are many other benefits of quiet books. Whether it is about learning colors, counting or new words, quiet books are great. The engaging nature of quiet books helps enhance toddlers’ fine motor skills and sitting tolerance, not to forget the imagination and creativity these books instil into the kids. A quiet book also improves child’s visual, tactile, auditory and kinesthetic inputs at the same time.

Best part is that quiet books are highly customizable and cater to needs of any and every toddler on Earth! 

How to Make a Quiet Book?

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Easy! Yes, it’s very easy to make a standard quiet book that can keep your kiddo engaged for quite a good time. Of course, it is also going to help the kid learn the activity the quiet book is designed for. An ordinary fabric book can be made affordably and in very less time.

There are number of patterns and materials that can be used, but wool felt sheets will be your primary material in creating a quiet book. One can experiment with vibrant colors and other materials that may be available easily at home. In fact, one can even get pre-cut hole-punched pages available in the market that can make things easier! One can take some inspiration from various resources and get the job done in no time. 

Quiet books are way better than anything else you may choose to keep your toddler quiet and engaged while making them learn. Invest some time in making a customized quiet book for your loved one, you (and your kid) are surely going to fall in love with this fun activity!

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