How to Make a Perfect Quiet Book for Your Toddler

They’ll never sit at one place!

Do you wish you had a magic wand that could make your squirmy little one sit at one place? All the mothers wish to have a genie that could help them with their ever-moving toddler.

Well, quiet books can come to your rescue! Yes, quiet books can increase your loved ones’ sitting tolerance while keeping them glued at one place and increase their learning capabilities. Quiet books are interactive and highly customizable multiple-page scrapbooks that are designed to help kids learn desired educational activities. These toddler books are generally made of felt or fabric and help in mental and emotional development of a child. These activity books also help with early learning while enhancing toddlers’ fine motor skills. 

Making a Perfect Activity Book to Keep Your Toddler Busy

It is easier than it seems! You can make perfect and engaging toddler books for your kiddos at home and help them learn the desired activity while keeping them “quiet, engaged and glued” at one place.

All you may need is a glue gun, some felt/fabric sheets, a pair of scissors and a bit of inspiration and creativity! Beads with alphabets can also prove to be a great ingredient for customization. 

Quiet Book – Motive and Constituents

Every quiet book has a motive behind it – an educational activity. It can vary from making your kid learn counting, alphabets, days of week, months of year, understanding time seeing watch/clock, etc. Basically, you can create a quiet book for any and every activity.

The first and foremost motive of your fabric book should be the activity you want your kid to learn. Design a customized cover page which may have your kid’s name to add personal touch! The cover page must also showcase the idea of the intended activity.

Inner pages can constitute variety of actions that are to be carried out to learn the intended activity; for example, learning shapes. You may add different shapes made of felt/fabric sheet on different pages. Of course, it is important to help and guide, and not leave the kid unattended at any point in time.

Likewise, you can design number of quiet books fulfilling different purposes. It will keep you and the toddler busy! 

Buying a Perfect Quiet Book for Your Beloved

There are tons of customizable toddler books available online these days. All you need to do is search for a perfect one for YOUR kid. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for a perfect quiet book for your young one:

  • Age – The quiet book you plan to buy for your kid should be age-appropriate. Online stores have the quiet books categorized age-wise, which makes it easier for the buyers. Make sure you get the book for right age.
  • Activity – This constitutes the motive of the toddler book. It can be a simple story, jigsaw puzzle, counting activity, or anything else. There are multiple options available and you can choose accordingly.
  • Special Needs, if Any – There are quiet books that cater to kids with special needs, focusing on increasing mental ability of kids that need increased attention. These books are especially designed to work on child’s fine motor skills including visual, tactile, auditory and kinesthetic inputs at the same time. 

You’ll get tons of options online and can even make one by yourself. It is going to give you immense pleasure and satisfaction when you see your kid learn while playing!

Best wishes!

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