Affordable Sensory Books to Keep Toddlers Engaged

The other day I went to a friend’s home and saw her kid engrossed in an activity book! The only question that crossed my mind was “how does she manage to keep her toddler so engaged?” My kid just moves about everywhere and gives me tough time doing things.

I know my friend is creative, but never thought that she is into so-called “quiet books”. She has devised an amazing technique to keep her young one engaged almost all the time, while making him learn at the same time.

Upon request, she introduced me to her collection of fabric-made activity books. I got so impressed that I decided to make one for my beloved instantly. She also calls them sensory books, for these help with children’s mental development and motor skills.

So, here’s a brief of what I learnt the other day. This surely is going to be with me for lifetime! 

What are Sensory Books?

What are sensory books

Sensory books are generally interactive customizable scrapbooks made of felt or fabric. The books are intended to keep the toddlers busy with educational activities that enhance their mental development and sensory stimulation.

These books are also known as quiet books, toddler books, fabric books, busy books or cloth books. More importantly, for me, these books help the mothers get the “quiet” time they are always looking for!

Also, here are other reasons sensory books are great for your little ones! 


Affordable sensory  books

Quiet books or sensory books are extremely affordable. You can literally end up making one in a few dollars. You can even buy one online affordably.

As these books are generally made of felt/fabric sheets, these are low in price. Other items that may be included in creating a quiet book range from beads to Velcro to colourful threads, etc. You can always get a high-quality, highly-customized quiet book in and around $50. 

Highly Customizable

Highly customizable sensory books

Toddler books are extremely customizable. You can add the name of the kid to the cover page and customize the pages according to the theme of the book. The colors, shapes, pages, purpose, theme, learning activity, etc. can be customized to suit the kids’ preference. 

Extremely Engaging

Extremely engaging sensory books

As I saw at my friend’s place, activity books are highly engaging. The quiet books available online are designed professionally to engage the kids into learning desired activities – be it braiding the doll, learning to count, making words using alphabets, etc. As these books are highly customizable, these can be designed for almost any and every activity according to the age, gender and learning abilities of the toddler. 

Enhance Kids’ Learning Abilities

Enhance kids learning abilities

Fabric books improve the attention span of kids along with developing their sitting tolerance. These books can be used to introduce or help revise concepts like colours, numbers, shapes, prepositions, pronouns, categories, adjectives, etc. Quiet books also help enhance children’s fine motor skills. The activities in these books also help in sharpening kids’ cognition and problem-solving skills. 

Last Longer

As my friend showcased her collection of quiet books to me, I found she had many of her books intact from the past. Quiet books are primarily made out of felt/fabric sheets that don’t tear easily, making it perfect for toddlers. A good quality toddler book can typically last for years. Furthermore, as these books are long-lasting, these make a perfect travel companion. One can take these books anywhere and everywhere to keep their child engaged while travelling. Children can learn to talk and practice even on the go. 

I was very impressed with the concept of quiet books and am totally into it! I insist you make one for your toddler! Let me know if you need any assistance!

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