7 Things You Can Teach Your Toddlers Using Quiet Books

I have always been in love with quiet books, for I believe these felt-made toddler scrapbooks are the best way to teach your kids certain activities in a fun way.

Over a period of time, I have made quite a few quiet books for my 3 little ones, and I am proud to say that I now know a bit on how you can teach your toddlers various activities using these awesome books. I really love the fact that quiet books are highly customizable and can be used to teach almost any and every activity to your kiddos. These are long-lasting and can be used year after year by siblings in the same house or even same neighbourhood. Of course, the satisfaction is immense when you see your little ones learn different things using the quiet books made by you!

Here I list 7 things you can teach your beloved using quiet books! 

  1. Name Recognition

Early learning is the motive here! You can use alphabetical beads and put the name of different family members on different pages of the quiet book. You can cut felt/fabric sheets in different human-like shapes denoting different family member and weave beads with alphabets in the member’s name, and teach your child to identify each (while teaching their names). You can even use nicknames! This method works great in teaching the child names of their mom, dad, sisters/brothers, granddaddy, grandmamma and even pet, if any! Of course, you can use shiny little sequins to decorate the cover and internal pages! 

  1. Shapes

This one is easy! Cut felt sheets into different shapes and teach your kid to match the shapes (pre-drawn using a sharpie pen). Using this method, your kid can learn about different shapes, like squares, triangles, stars (shape), heart (shape), etc. A fun way to teach, right! 

  1. Colours

Kids can learn more about colours using quiet books. You can device a fun method where the kid will need to match the colours on two different pages of the quiet book. One of the ideas is cutting felt sheets into balloon shapes and teaching the kid to tie the balloon with the thread that matches the colour of the balloon. It’s easy, simple, interactive and quite learning! You can device your own idea to teach this particular activity. 

  1. Counting

Nothing is better than your fingers to learn counting, right? It’s very basic, logical and quite understandable. Since time immemorial, we’ve been learning counting using our fingers, and this is the technique we can use to teach our toddlers through a quiet book.

Cut out felt sheet in shapes of hands and write numbers on different fingers. Teach your toddler to count on these fingers. You can even help them learn names of different fingers at a later stage! 

  1. Doll Dressing

This is one of my favourites! Cut felt sheet in shape of a doll and paste it on one side of the page. Now, use different-colour felt sheets to cut out different clothing and accessories of the doll and teach your toddler to dress the doll. It works great for both boys and girls.

This activity is highly interactive and aims to introduce the toddler to dressing! 

  1. Braiding

This one is as simple as it can get, and prove to be extremely helpful for lifetime! Though you can teach your kid to tie variety of braids at an early age using this method, the primary motive still remains to improve hand-eye and hand-mind coordination! 

  1. Facial Features

Teach your kids to identify different facial features using this method. Design a quiet book that includes different facial features (eyes, brows, nose, lips, etc.) and ask your kid to place them right on a blank face. Believe me; this can turn out to be really funny, at times! 

Quiet books are amazing when it comes to teaching the toddlers! Being a parent, you’ll need to recognize the needs of your child and design (or buy) a quiet book accordingly! Hope this helps.

Happy learning!

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